Lash Serums – What Are They And Why Do You Need One?

A lash serum or lash conditioner is a product that can help lashes grow longer, fuller, and thicker. Ingredients will vary from product to product, but consistency is key for results.  

Lash conditioner serums come in a small tube or bottle with a thin brush applicator. The applicator is similar to a liquid eyeliner brush. A small amount of serum is applied to the lash line once per day.

EyEnvy Eyelash Conditioner shown in display case at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

What Is EyEnvy?

Established in 2009, EyEnvy is a lash conditioning serum that can help you achieve longer, fuller lashes.  EyEnvy contains moisturizing ingredients and is packed full of vitamins.  It also contains nourishing peptides that target lashes during the anagen phase — the phase when lash growth occurs — to help them grow longer and thicker.

The key active ingredients in EyEnvy include:

Vitamin C – acts as an antioxidant

Vitamin A – helps with skin functioning

Pentapeptide-4 – helps hair follicles maximize their growth potential.


Can I Use A Lash Serum With Lash Extensions and Lash Lifts?

ABSOLUTELY!  They work particularly well together .  I encourage all of my clients to use a lash serum.  Healthy lashes provide the perfect base to any lash service!


How Long Does It Take To Work?

Most EyEnvy clients see results within 4 to 6 weeks of use, with full results achieved after 3 months of correct and consistent use. 


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