Cyanoacrylate gives the lash glue its unique curing property. This is the material that ensures the adhesive dries instantly and holds the lashes firmly in place. It is a major component in all professional-grade eyelash extension glues.

Acrylates come from acrylic acid, which hardens or thickens when it is exposed to air. Acrylate combines with cyanide to form cyanoacrylate. The result is a biodegradable, quick-drying adhesive.

Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

PMMA is the agent that forms a long-lasting, solid bond.

PMMA benefits:

In summary, cyanoacrylate ensures rapid curing of the lash glue, while PMMA provides long-lasting adhesion. 


Hydroquinone prevents the lash adhesive from drying out quickly while still in its packaging. Once hydroquinone is exposed to air it instantly solidifies, allowing cyanoacrylate and PMMA to do their part.

Carbon Black

Carbon black is a form of solid carbon that can be used as a dye to give lash adhesive a rich, black finish. This ingredient is only used in black adhesives and absent from clear lash adhesives. Transparent glue is ideal as an option for customers who are allergic to carbon. 

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