There are so many lash studios to choose from today! We’ve all heard of or even experienced a terrible lash set. Unflattering extensions, clumps, pains, twisting, and too much glue, that ultimately leave your natural lashes damaged. I’ve had many clients in the past ask me to correct the damage done from another studio or tell me horror stories from previous lash experiences. So how do you choose a lash artist that is right for you?


Investigate how long the lash studio has been in business and whether the lash artist has received proper training. This cannot guarantee a good set of lashes, but it does give you an idea of their experience and dedication to the lash profession.


During your first appointment your lash artist should ALWAYS provide a proper consultation to find out individual style preferences, to educate about upkeep and maintenance between fills, and to provide constructive professional feedback. A good lash artist will always put the health of your lashes as top priority by choosing the appropriate length and thickness for you!

Word of Mouth/Referrals

Word of mouth is by far the best way to get recommendations for a lash artist. Check out the business’ Google reviews and testimonials. One poor review does not mean the studio is bad, but a trend of similar complaints with unsatisfactory business replies and an overall low rating is something to watch out for.


A good lash artist will be proud to show off their work! Check out the studio’s social media pages – FB, Instagram, and websites.


“Nice lashes aren’t cheap and cheap lashes aren’t nice.” This is so incredibly true! Be suspicious of super low introductory offers that require a contractual commitment. You will ultimately save time, money, and maybe your lash health by spending a little more going to a studio with a better reputation.

Know When It’s Time to Try Somewhere New

Pain, poor retention, pinching, twisting, and clumping are all warning signs. Lash extensions should feel like they’re not even there. Discomfort is not normal and an indication that damage is being done to the natural lashes. If you suspect that you’ve had a bad lash extension application, it’s best to have them looked at promptly to prevent further damage.

Lash extensions aren’t cheap, so it’s important to take the time to investigate the lash studio before you take that first step. Once you’ve found the lash artist that’s right for you, the time invested will be totally worth it.

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