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If you are considering lash extensions, you may have come across terms, such as: hybrid or volume. What are the differences between these two types of lash extensions? In this post today, my goal is to give you a better understanding of each lash style and help you make a more informed decision about which option is best for you.


A Volume Set is an advanced technique that places a fan of multiple extensions onto each individual natural lash. These extensions are also thinner and more lightweight to ensure the health of the natural lashes. 2D to 6D is the most common range for Volume Sets. Anything higher than 6D is referred to as Mega Volume or Russian Volume.

Volume lashes provide a more dramatic look. Volume Sets are perfect for individuals who enjoy a thicker lash line or have used strip lashes in the past. Clients who have naturally sparse lashes may also choose a Volume Set to help increase the fullness of their lashes. In these cases, the fullness of the set may be limited depending on what your natural lashes can support.


A Hybrid Set combines the classic and volume technique into one. With Hybrid, some natural lashes get a single extension (classic lash extensions), while others get multiple (volume lash extensions). A Hybrid Set is the best of both worlds! This style is great for individuals who want more than a classic lash but prefer to keep a natural look. In my own studio, this is the best-selling set!

When it comes to lash extensions, every set is customized for the client’s eyes and personal preferences. At the beginning of each appointment, I always ask my clients the type of look they’re after. Based on the condition of their natural lashes and their desired look, we then work together to decide on a style that best suits them.

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