The autumn leaves are falling and so are your lashes!!   Have you noticed that as the cooler temperatures start your eyelash extensions seem to be falling at a faster rate?  Here’s what is happening:

On average, people will lose between 1 and 5 lashes every day. This is because at any given point in time, you have lashes in every stage of growth—from baby lashes just appearing, to mature lashes ready to shed. A single lash normally takes months to complete its growth cycle, but in fall and winter that cycle can shift, and lashes may shed more frequently.

Changes in humidity that occur in the autumn months can also play a role in your lashes’ growth cycle. If your skin is very dry, your hair follicles (located just under the skin) don’t get the nourishment they need for your lashes to grow. This causes brittle lashes that are more likely to fall out before their time is up.

So what can you do to combat fall lash shed?

Book your lash fill earlier than normal.

Heavier shedding means more frequent fills. If you notice that you are experiencing more lash loss than usual, book a 2 week fill instead of a 3-4 week, to keep your lash sets looking amazing all season long!

Use products that promote retention!

This won’t keep your natural lashes from shedding, but promoting retention will ensure that all falling lashes have a natural lash attached, and your extensions aren’t just popping off. For lasting hold through the dry autumn months, use EyEnvy. Our premium lash growth serum.


Bare Envy Boutique xo


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