Sometimes, your natural lashes need a little extra umph! Unlike mascara, lash extensions can add length and volume but have you ever wondered if eyelash extensions will ruin your natural lashes over time?

The answer, is MAYBE. Lashes can become damaged from extensions if they are applied incorrectly. Working with a certified lash technician will help ensure this does not happen! Below are a few practices to keep in mind so that your natural lashes stay nice and healthy:

  • Never rub or tug at your lash extensions. This can cause stress or damage to the natural lashes below. If you pull at the extensions, you are more likely to also pull out your own natural lashes.  This can leave your lashes looking stubby and sparser than before you had extensions. You can also review our general eyelash guidelines for additional maintenance and care tips.
  • Research before selecting a lash studio. Before you trust someone to go near your eyes with tweezers, make sure they know what they are doing. You should only have lash extensions applied by a certified lash artist.  Be sure to research the studio you are going to before your appointment.  And if something doesn’t seem right during your appointment, speak up.
  • Use a lash growth serum. There are many serums available to help condition your lashes while wearing extensions. I recommend Lash Bloom Conditioner and Serum. Click here for more details.

As with any beauty product or regimen, it is not worth skimping on eyelash extensions. You are far better off paying for a quality lash service, than getting a discount set of lashes that will cause you problems in the long run and damage your natural lashes.  If you have concerns, talk to your lash artist, and don’t ignore warning signs.  Happy Lashing!

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